News of the Day: Video Game Edition (Or: Yes, I Read Kotaku – A Lot)

By now, it’s no secret that I’m as much a video game fan as I am a comic fan. The great thing about this of course, is that the two mediums often coincide (as evidenced by today’s post). Anyway, here’s what’s new in the Video Game/Comic amalgamated space of the Venn diagram that is life (now in bite-sized headlines, complements of Kotaku!)

More videogame-based comics are on their way, this time courtesy of Capcom and Devil’s Due. Expect to see Bionic Commando and Lost Planet on your spinner racks sometime this summer.

The new Penny Arcade game, On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness is now out and available on XBOX 360 and PC (Windows XP, Mac*, and even Linux). You can buy a copy of the game ($20) and/or download the demo at online indie game distribution site Greenhouse. I haven’t gotten a chance to play beyond the character-creation tool yet, but the game looks promising.

Superman has officially been confirmed for Mortal Kombat Vs. DC!

What with the late Indiana Jones (Lego) madness, it’s easy to forget about the upcoming Lego Batman game. With that in mind, Mr. Freeze has been confirmed. Also visible in the screenshots are Harley Quinn, The Riddler, and Scarecrow. Yeah, I totally forgot about this game. Now I’m all excited again!

I’m just going to quote Kotaku on this one on the upcoming Incredible Hulk game: “Xbox 360 Gets A Red Hulksclusive In Ill-Conceived Marketing Ploy” Also: check out the Behind the Scenes video clip.

The upcoming Hellboy game seems to be coming along well. I remember reading that this one is supposed to be particularly faithful to BPRD.

I know this one doesn’t fit the theme, but promotional photos of the Dragonball movie seem so sparse, I thought it might be prudent to point out these newly released cast photos.

I saved this one for last because it looks awesome. While Capcom’s Clover Studios may now be defunct, some of the members are working on a new project called Madworld. And damn, does it look pretty. And even though it’s been said over and over, I’m going to go ahead and say again that it looks a lot (both in attitude and stylization) like Sin City. What’s better, it’s coming to Wii (My only next-gen console, ATM). It’s about time we get some mature games on our little white brick.

*Because let’s face it – hardware-wise, Macs are pretty much PCs these days.

News of The Day: Dragonball Movie & Mortal Kombat Vs DC

It’s all follow-ups this time around:

Some of the first official promotional images for the upcoming Dragonball movie will be debuting in the latest issue of Shonen Jump (#24). Catch the scans and translations over at [via]

Meanwhile, over at GameTap, we have an interview with Ed Boon about the upcoming Mortal Kombat Vs DC game. It’s definitely worth a read if you’re anticipating the game at all, as he hints (more explicitly than in the past) about various aspects of the game that have been whispered about. Take fatalities, for example:

“It’s an assumption that, because the DC characters will be in there, those features will have to be dropped. My response is that, no, we’re modifying fatalities. But I have every intention to keep finishers.”

“I certainly can’t speak with authority as to what DC will permit. There will certainly be some limitations. But my intention is that we want to push the envelope of a T-rated game as far as we can without being an M-rated game.”

That sounds like encouraging news for the MK followers out there.

He also mentions that he’s a fan of his competitors games, and makes some observations about the genre as well as the Mortal Kombat series in general.

“Had we done something with a little tweak to the story and minor adjustments to the mechanics, I think people would get it and just move on really quickly.”

“And on a separate note, we have had a few conversations with our marketing people, ‘Wouldn’t it be cool to have a Mortal Kombat versus Tekken or Mortal Kombat versus Street Fighter?'”

Yes. Yes it would.

Also don’t miss the end parts of the interview where he stops just short of confirming Aquaman as another character in the game. You can check out the interview here. [via]

News of the Day: Upcoming Prototype Comic, Dead Space Animated Comic, And Dragonball Movie Updates

You know the drill, so let’s dive right in.

Sierra’s upcoming game, Prototype will be getting its own comic series, published by DC Comics’ Wildstorm imprint. Wildstorm has handled other video game-to-comic book translations such as World of Warcraft, Everquest, and Resident Evil. [via]

On the subject of video game-based comics, Image Comics is handling the adaption of upcoming sci-fi horror game Dead Space. Recently released is an “animated comic”, and presumably a preview of the comic itself:

I couldn’t get very far through the clip – every other line of dialogue houses the ever annoying “expletive deleted” bleep. It’s like watching a 70s game show. Anyway, the clip is over at IGN and can be also viewed/downloaded over at their site. [via]

Word has it that Goku will die in the second live-action Dragonball movie. I’m not sure how they could know this when they haven’t even finished filming the first movie*, but there you go. Apparently they are still in the planning process, but feel confident enough about this plot twist to announce it. I was never much one for the Dragonball Z series myself (although I loved the original, sans-Z series as a kid) so I’m still not sure how excited to get about this movie. [via]

*EDIT: My bad – As has been pointed out, the Dragonball movie is currently in post-production. Filming wrapped on March 23.