Microsoft Happens {here}

So apparently, Microsoft is publishing a webcomic about PC techies called “Heroes happen {here}” by Chuck Dixon and Rick Burchett. I’m not sure how I feel about it. However, I’ve a few thoughts:

1. You can only access the archives if you have Microsoft’s new Silverlight software installed. However, in true sterotypical fashion, the software isn’t working for me despite having Silverlight installed.

2. Is the comic good? When I read the comic (fourth one in), I think I almost felt a minor chuckle. Still, it left me with an aftertaste of cheese I could only rid myself of after a quick rinsing of Penny Arcade.

3. Does selling out (specifically to a non-comics related entity like Microsoft) make the quality irrelevant? My instinct wants to say “yes” in this particular case, but if the comic turns out to be really good, I don’t think it matters who you’re published by.

All in all, this feels like something akin to the stuffy old guy trying to be “hip” with the new generation. But who knows, maybe it will turn out to be, *gasp*, good.

If you want to take a look for yourself, you can find the comic here, and the archives here.

Update: I got Silverlight to work and read some of the other comics. The dialogue still feels a touch forced and cheesy to me, and although I kinda like the art, it relies way too heavily on lighting effects. Not to mention the constant inconsistencies in the art (particularly apparent in the face structures and changing clothing). Maybe I’m being more critical than I should – after all, I suspect that deep down I want to hate it just for being Microsoft.

Also: Who keeps their PC on the floor (see first comic)?! Any real IT techie would shudder at the thought.