As promised, and here it is - scans of Lady, the Guy is Dead!

The Glorious Cover! Cover of Lady, the Guy is Dead!

The Ever-Thickening Plot Premise! Back cover of Lady, the Guy is Dead!

I tried to dig up some more information on this book and the author but found precious little (Not even under the novel's far less interesting title, No Place to Live). I couldn't even find any reviews, as it seems anyone who might have read this book is either too old to have interest in the Internet or dead. I did find a few interesting tidbits however. For instance, Edward S. Aarons (1916 – 1975), author of the book, wrote under several (poorly imagined) pseudonyms. He has produced over 80 novels with such excellent titles as Say it With Murder, They All Ran Away, I Can't Stop Running, and Death in a Lighthouse (AKA The Cowl of Doom).

With this information in hand, I now know that this book cannot be a fluke and must be read as soon as possible, regardless of the fact that it will probably disintegrate in my hands if I try to do so.

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