Despite having several DMG mods lined up, life has conspired to keep me busy with other projects. The mod community has, meanwhile, moved on from backlighting to replacing DMG screens entirely with new IPS screens (superior screen quality, but smaller screen size than stock). But before this shift, I took another whack at improving upon my previous multi-mod Gameboy.

completed Frankenmod MK II
completed Frankenmod MK II top view
completed Frankenmod MK II back and side view

This iteration cleans up a few things:

  • I reused the same RGBva kit from before (though adjusting it is not as convenient as I'd like; with the controls set in the case, requiring a screwdriver to adjust).
  • I'm also using the same technique for the bivert as before, but this time, with a push button switch and a smaller bivert chip.

  • The clock speed switch from before was replaced with the Variable Clock Module - it works as advertised, allowing you to adjust the clock speed granularly and on-the-fly, feeling very much like a mixer.

  • I threw it all in reproduction glowing green case. It glows! Monstrous.

Here are a few more photos of the assembly:

Frankenmod MK II Installation photo 1
Frankenmod MK II Installation photo 2
Frankenmod MK II Installation photo 3
Frankenmod MK II Installation photo 4
Frankenmod MK II Installation photo 5
Frankenmod MK II Installation photo 6

That's about it - I don't see returning to DMG mods for a bit, but I also don't know that I'll be able to resist some of the newer upgrades the community cooks up.