• Python

    • Steam Gauge
      A while ago, I noticed a lot of requests for a way to get a harddrive space summary for a given Steam collection. While Steam tells you the install size of a game before installing, this information is not publicly accessible. This situation hasn't changed, so I started scraping data from the Steam store pages for game information to build a (MySQL) database anyone could access. The result is MySteamGauge.com - a versatile web app for planning out your Steam collection installs, and/or for anyone who likes to play with data.

      Don't have a Steam account? You can still check out the app - feel free to lookup my account ("classynemesis").

  • JavaScript

    • YouTube Custom Embed Generator (source)
      YouTube embeds are surprisingly versatile; there are numerous URL parameters to allow customization, but they can become unwieldy fast, and Google is constantly deprecating and adding tags without any kind of documentation. To solve this, I've put together a JavaScript tool which generates embed codes for any number of customization options, updated regularly with all known, working , and relevant embed parameters.

      A note: my tool currently only generates code for YouTube's newest, preferred methodology, which uses an HTML5-friendly iframe to automatically switch to the most appropriate embedding method for the viewer. The old method used Flash only, and while it will still work, there are continually fewer reasons to use it as the iframe approach becomes more and more robust.

    • Social Sharing Button Embed Generator (source)
      This tool allows for quick customization of social sharing buttons commonly seen at the bottom of a blog post. This tool aims for visual consistency and minimizing page load delays.

    • Simple A/B Tests with Google Docs (source)
      Simple A/B Tests with Google Docs is a lightweight technique for quick, basic, and straightforward A/B testing of HTML elements. By utilizing HTML event parameters along with JavaScript, simple testing of click-through rates, load rates, and/or user changes can be achieved.

  • Flash