Well, I've arrived back to the States safely and happily. I had an great time an had a great many excellent experiences, both comic related and not. One of my goals while I was in Europe was to pick up at least one native (and preferably indie) comic in each country I visited. Except for a slight hiccup in Italy I managed that wonderfully. Expect to see more on these in the near future.

In the process playing catch-up, I've picked up a few more examples of recontextualization in comics.

The first is a reappropriation of every one's favorite cartoon mouse in order to make a point about current copyright law. This idea has, of course, been executed before. [via]

The rest of the batch focuses on, once again, Garfield:

Garkov is the application of a Markov Chain (don't ask) to Garfield comic strips. The result is a weird sort of jumbling of dialogue. [via]

I don't remember if I've posted anything by Katie Beaton before, but in a nutshell, she's been making hilarious comics about historical figures. More recently, she offered up her own interpretation of Garfield. [via]

Finally, Garfield Minus Garfield has gotten recognition in the mainstream media. The New York Times has an article up on the website which includes reactions from Jim Davis. [via]