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keys Use the ARROW KEYS or W, A, S, D
to move up, left, down, & right respectively
spacebar SPACEBAR to shoot
SHIFT SHIFT to lunge
CTRL CTRL to use a Kitty Bomb
mouse Use the MOUSE to navigate in-game menus
and when indicated during play
Esc OR P Pauses the game
Enter Resumes the game from pause


Kitty Bomb
Kitty Bomb
Destroys all enemies/enemy missiles on screen. You can save up to 4 for later usage. Does not hurt bosses.
AA Battery
AA Battery
Fills you with a surge of power, instantly maxing out your lunge gauge! Healthier than any energy drink.
A delicious snack that completely refills your health.


Complete each level by destroying the boss.
The boss appears only after you've filled the Boss Summon Gauge by defeating a number of its minions.

What did you like? What did you hate?
Did you find any bugs?

Let me know!


Revision 09 (3/26/2010)
-Fixed the stage background sometimes resetting if mouse was clicked while the game was paused
-Enemies, Bosses, and missiles will now not collide with the ship if the hit animation is still playing when the collision occurs
-Hit animation time has been lengthened - boss collision damage has been raised to compensate for the change
-Decreased likelihood of powerups dropping from level 1 enemies slightly
-Decreased effectiveness of Health powerup slightly

Revision 08 (3/23/2010)
-Added interstage progress maps
-Added a flashing "NEW!" indicator to indicate when the player has unlocked a new enemy profile
-Updated Instructions Menu to reflect past updates to controls and powerups
-Added film grain effect to menus and pause function
-Reworked main menu layout/appearence
-Fixed minor menu alignment inconsistencies
-Adjusted Airship flight slightly
-Fixed pause functionality breaking if a pause button was pressed when an in-game message appeared

Revision 07 (3/5/2010)
-Added AA Battery Powerup - collecting it instantly fills the lunge gauge
-Added background music
-Added lunge sound effect
-Lunge animation and MiniBosses/enemies no longer overlap display items on ship layer (counters, health bars, etc.)
-Fireworks sound now plays only when sound is not set to mute
-All powerups will spawn as usual and also occasionally drop on enemy deaths
-All powerups now grant 50 points upon collection
-Slightly raised the speed of airships and made enemy speeds more distinct

Revision 06 (1/25/2010)
-Added Kitty Bomb usage sequence
-Added Kitty Bomb sounds
-Kitty Bomb now destroys all onscreen vulnerable enemies and delays enemy spawns for a short time
-Fixed Kitty Bomb Counter font not embedding properly
-Game can now be paused by pressing 'Esc' or 'P' and resumed by pressing 'Enter'
-Lunge attack no longer does continuous damage to bosses and instead delivers a single specified amount of damage
-Ixl & Superhero no longer do continuous damage when they should do a set amount of damage
-Ixl now properly disappears when boss spawns
-Lunge animation is no longer briefly visible if called at the same time as player ship death
-Bosses can now only be damaged if they are not playing their hit animation from previous damage
-Made ship collisions with Boss #1 more precise
-Power ups no longer remain visible if on screen when the player defeats the last boss
-All bullets and enemies now remove properly from stage if present upon death
-Misc. minor code optimizationations
-Removed redundant linkages
-Game now temporarily freezes when messages pop up

Revision 05 (1/20/2010)
-Added a lunge attack - use by pressing 'Shift'. Note: lunge meter must be full. Lunge meter is located below the player health bar
-Added Kitty Counter and reworked Kitty Bomb mechanic - up to 5 kitties are now saved and can be used at any time by pressing 'Ctrl'
-Redrew Stage 1 background
-Fixed Stage 1 background loop offset issue
-Updated 'About' menu page to reflect current information
-Adjusted fireworks animation
-Fixed fireworks not unloading from stage properly
-Debug keys now work properly

Revision 04 (1/14/2010)
-Added walking animation when player ship moves left or right
-Added FIREWORKS!!! when a boss is defeated
-Adjusted powerups spawn times
-Fixed the sound icon incorrectly displaying a muted icon when sound is in an unmuted state upon starting a new game after dying.

Revision 03 (12/27/2010)
-Added animation to Boss Summon counter
-Added font filters for better UI readability
-Fixed Kitty Bomb float movement
-Changed eye laser graphic and made it slightly shorter
-Reworked the instructions menu a bit
-Fixed Boss Summon counter remaining visible on game over
-Fixed minor main menu alignment issues
-Aligned text in Enemies menu so that it is more centered
-Adjusted in-game pop-up messages to be less intrusive
-Adjusted Enemies Menu text so that is it more centered
-Fixed the Airship so that it spawns at a range higher on the screen

Revision 02 (12/26/2009):
-Added a kill counter called Boss Summon to make level goal and progress clearer to the player
-Reduced the number of enemies in each level required to summon the boss
-The airship in level 2 now spawns slightly more often
-Added Player Health Bar and Boss Health Bar labels
-Kills and scores are no longer awarded for enemies that collide with the player
-Made the kitten bomb graphic slightly smaller and more square
-Fixed Ixl not granting hit count upon hit by player missile
-Player now shakes and damage-blinks when RoboAngel is hit by player missile in order to indicate player health lost

Additional Development Notes:

Known Bugs:
-Objects/actions from previous stage are sometimes briefly visible after map screen

Debug Commands (will not exist in final build):
-pressing 1 will spawn the next boss
-pressing 2 will stop enemy spawns for a short time
-pressing 3 will destroy all enemies and most types of enemy missiles on screen
-pressing 4 will instantly kill the player ship
-pressing 5 will skip to the next stage
-pressing 6 will spawn a short barrage of fireworks

Remaining Tasks:
-Tweak preloader
-Add in-game tutorial of game mechanics (?)
-Improve Fireworks
-Make single pause/unpause button